Share Love Event – Sunday February 26th

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Give the gift of love!

Love comes in many forms,  whether it be a smile, giving heart, or a warm jacket – Love is powerful.

This February we are collecting blankets, jackets, socks, and tents for those struggling on the streets of Skid Row. We’ve been blessed with the large amounts of rainfall this season, but there are people on the streets who are still struggling to find shelter.  We accept all donations and are grateful for your support. We look forward to seeing you there!



WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW: Collect donations ranging from Blankets, tents or tarps, jackets, toiletries, food, snack items, funds, new & used clothes, shoes and so on; they appreciate anything and everything we can provide them with… Mens clothes is what we have been lacking in recent events


WHEN/TIME: Sunday FEB 26th 9:30 AM

SORTING LOCATION: Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club at 2635 Pasadena Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90031

PARKING: (REAR of complex) **STREET PARKING ONLY** on Avenue 26 or Pasadena Avenue as lot parking is reserved for church services. Access to the rear from Pasadena Ave will be from side gate.

WHAT WE DO AT SORTING LOCATION: We prep snacks items, utensils, food, drinks, then load the trucks up with the tables, food, donations, etc., and then head out to Skid Row promptly at 11:00 a.m.


SKID ROW LOCATION: Parking Lot at 536 San Julian Street, Los Angeles  at 11:30AM

PARKING: at Skid Row is limited to **STREET PARKING ONLY** on San Julian Street only, no tickets are issued during our events.

LOT PARKING: Will be limited to those who have supplies & food to unload….

WHAT WE DO AT SKID ROW: We serve approximately 600-700 meals and hand out donated items to the less fortunate on the streets of Skid Row. We do it with a kind heart, with understanding of their circumstances and with patience.